A rare phenomenon later. It is quite dark. Up out of the southwest roars the huge wind. Great misshapen masses of clouds loom terrifically over the sky, the black openings of irregular shape seeming like strange creatures. 

The moment I landed, I felt at once that it was a special day – brilliant sun, hot dry wind from the southwest blowing of the meadows of bleached grass, asters and golden-rod.

A dream – Of finding a very early sketch of mine, an attempt to represent a child’s impression of a “choo-choo–” train.


Heavy foggy mist in the air. A sun-spoked morning.

In studio, working on the Genesee Rd. Picture which I think I shall call “Dusty Road in July”-

Just after I had finished B called from the back door – “Can you come in a minute?” (The tone of her voice betrayed to me that someone had come to see me and she wanted to surprise me). 

Today’s charm lies in to-night’s moon. Moon to begin with was in the full. It was very bright and white. Closely clasping it was a small ring of pale yellow...

To Zimmerman Rd. painting. 

A fine day, and I was overflowing with happiness that I was once again out painting.  

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