Altho the stars shone all night (I woke up from time to time, + thought how the sky moved overhead, bringing new scenes of stars every hour) this morning the November Grey fills the air.

Evening music — Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony – Inevitable most music for me, seems to belong to the season when I first hear it – 

However it developed into an entirely [new] idea – namely a storm day in late autumn – the key to the idea being a black jagged stump surrounded by the blood red leaves of a swamp maple

P.M. - In Studio- work on the “November Sun & Golden Rod” picture of 1952- Also wrapped two drawings to send to John.

For several years now, I have not been ready for the first snow – I view it with boredom & dread, looking ahead to the long bitter season to follow.

I awoke between midnight and dawn; the waning moon hung high in the eastern sky...

A short walk out East State St. (nee McKinley Ave, nee E. Main St.) – The furnace lights from Youngstown and Leetonia the latter behind Fawcett’s Thicket Hill, grim & mysterious as ever. The marvelously black velvet stormy sky.

The natural effects in the country this fall are of such unusual beauty that I have the frantic feeling I had in my youth, when I felt that I simply must record everything I saw from day to day.

Class indoor – about 12 came – coffee with David & his aunt (Miss James) who is a naturalist. Dreams – occurring during the last week or so –

the sound is cold & lonely but the telegraph harp!  That sounds is not of the earth, it comes from a far off, out of the infinity of sky –

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