A clear sunny day, not a cloud in the sky all day – Cool in the morning, but quite warm later on.   

A.M. – Removed the “Snowy Owl and Winter Moon” from its frame and put the “Pillar of Cloud and Milkweed” in its place, and hung it in the living room –

To West Valley Tea Room for dinner. On the way in. noticed two beautiful, healthy goldenrod plants growing out of a decayed knot-hole in a maple-tree. Called Bertha’s attention to it, and said I must make a drawing of it after dinner.

To make the drawing I sat on the porch – While I was drawing, a group of people came in and were curious about what I was doing. They had not noticed the golden-rod. One of the men in the party decided to take some photos of it.  Bertha asked him to send us a photo, and he gave her a card for our name and address.

A mysterious dark day – with a raw damp wind straight from the north – 

A mother is always surprising you. You may think she is wonderful but she is always doing something so unexpectedly loving and understanding that she is like nature — ever new.

Dark, low-hanging clouds, very humid, heavy rain at times, with a drop in temperature (56° at noon) – 

In the morning looking at the “Orion in December” This is the rare time when a picture (for the moment at least) seems to have come to a successful conclusion, and I can sit and “watch” it, reveling in it

We ate our lunch under the willow-tree ‒ having to protect ourselves from a cool northeast breeze.

Afterwards I brought the “Sparrow-hawk Weather” in to study ‒ but soon realized the there was too much wrong for a quick easy solution – Next week my attention must be given getting ready for John’s visit.

The Burchfield Penney Art Center and Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Collective Co-present COLTRANE Birthday Celebration

Buffalo, NY, September 1, 2023 — The three-day jazz extravaganza honoring the birthday of jazz icon John Coltrane will reverberate through the Buffalo State University Campus from September 28th – 30th, 2023. Co-presented by the Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Collective, this year’s COLTRANE Celebration will grow beyond the Burchfield Penney’s Tower Auditorium in order to accommodate the anticipated audience for an extra special headlining act: Grammy-nominated saxophonist and band leader Ravi Coltrane (the second son of John and Alice Coltrane). He will be joined by COLTRANE Celebration artistic directors George Caldwell (Grammy-winning pianist) and Curtis Lundy (world-renowned bassist) on Saturday, September 30, 2023, in the Buffalo State Performing Arts Center in Rockwell Hall...

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