The agonizing mystery of Infinity. It is impossible ever for man to comprehend it, but it is always there in the background of my life. Infinity in time and space; it is impossible to our puny minds, yet it has to be.

A sunny windy day- leaves fluttering over Cottrells’ lawn.  

At one, I dressed and we went to the South-gate Plaza. Lunch at “Your Host”, after which B did some food shopping while I waited in the car.  

A water-color (16 x 48) of the transition of Fall to Winter. – Which I have been dreaming about ever since the Art School Days. A fantasy – it came off very well. The final form came to me as I lay listening to Sunday’s concert.

Day opens cloudy and grey with a wind from the south. By noon, as I go to lunch a fine drizzle falling blown by the wind like snow. Rain all afternoon and fitful wind brushing thru the wet-glistened trees

Incredibly beautiful warm weather—nasturtiums & [morning glories] have started blooming again.

In the evening a few tree-crickets & green grasshoppers singing. B & I for stall drop in a Lefty’s new store for a sundae.

A dream – There was a heavy frost which plastered the dead plants and houses it had been grey and lowery all morning however; towards noon the sun commenced to show; the horizon sky grew intense white; I rushed to secure materials to paint.

P.M. – Sketch of Albarella’s pear tree a 21 x 30 – after the small paintings I have been making, it seems large.