A deliciously mild day, with a blue and white dappled sky - a delightful moist quality to the soft breeze, - foretelling rain...

My mind grows very uncomfortable at times, as tonight. I am haunted by the thought 
that the poetry in me is rapidly drying out i.e - . that last year or the year before 

Started antiquing some of the frames, the most harassing job of all…. Working on frames. I feel stupefied and completely immersed in frames – frames - I don’t even know what the outdoors looks like.

While summer was here, I worshiped its good things, but a first taste of autumn - ! Ever and always with me, the present-time is the best time of the year!

The "heavens open" and torrents of rain.

Under their indirect lighting [Grain Elevators] looks better than at any time. For the first time I dare to think I have produced a fine picture.

Finish work on “Shed in Swamp” – 

P.M. Drove to Buffalo, taking Catherine and Arthur along, on a number of errands, one being to order some more frames.


It seems as if I must have dreamed all night long, one after another, and all full of interest. 

How a butterfly pursues its shadow across the sunlit ground!

It is my habit to fear the making of acquaintance with new people, and probably if no one else ever made first overtures I would never meet anyone. So it was with the visit of the Soyer’s —but I need have had no apprehension. I liked them both —Soyer was all artist, and interested so completely in pictures. He said his visit here was the happiest day of his stay in Buffalo, ...

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