A bitter cold day- A.M. to Varysburg & Wethersfield- too cold to get much.

To be a strong courageous healthy spirit — delighting in the natural world, seeing it with the innocence of a child to whom each commonplace stone, blade of grass & sapling is a miracle.  That is the secret of eternal youth, the secret that Beethoven had. Happy is the man who can go out into the fields & woods and hills, a free innocent being, unburdened by the world’s smartness & sophistication, its smug acceptance of fleshly indulgences, to whom life & nature are eternal mysteries.


The Burchfield Penney Art Center is pleased to announce that artist Peter B. Jones will select the artworks for exhibition in Art In Craft Media 2023.

Evening – M & H & children over for a visit. A gay hilarious time with the youngsters.

The evening is oppressively warm; this year’s Spring has developed too rapidly; a pall is over the sky; to the south a thunderstorm hangs motionless, spreading over the heavens in a huge gray expanse‒ Four fellows in blue suits and straw hats come next door, and sit on the porch steps.

We had the mushrooms last night for supper and sick & vomited in the night as last year.

Yesterday a trip with Jim and Jim Groner after frogs.

It is our first anniversary – a short year ago, Bertha & I joined hands for the rest of our lives. It fills me full of wonderful peace & gladness that my feeling towards her is no different than on our wedding day, no different than on the day when in her home by the sink when we joined hands & I felt the emotion of lover sweep over me, how I felt ashamed and bashful, and regarded her with so much reverence that I could not look at her long.

moon shot – black vigorous tree patterns – a cool brisk wind – the sky moves along rapidly –

A white sunlit morning – a cool damp rainy wind – grey clouds soft blending layers – rain comes – sky turns a rich med-violet – Trees flat & fall into planes of flat greens with ultramarine trunks.

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