All day on the “Fading Winter Sun” (1917 36 x 48). The work did not go very well - all the time I felt that I was not calm enough in my mind for real concentration on such a work at this time and that I ought not be doing it; rather some mechanical work would be better. 

here is the smell of earth in the air.  I feel as if I must find an Hepatica somewhere.  Lake beautiful - a wonderful luminous green in long stretching streaks uniting with the slate blue sky - a symphonic Poem of color against which play yellow-twigged willows, red bushes, and green cottonwoods. 

Evening—B & I to chamber music concert at the Gallery. A fine program beautifully played—a trio of Mozart, Sonata (piano and violin) of Beethoven and a Trio (Opus 101) of Brahms.

Fighting a head-cold – tired & 

Letter from Earl Seigfred with Invoice for a picture @ $1200 — to be chosen later – he wants to come up Feb. 26 or March 3

All the old desires are reborn tonight. The innocent desire of childhood for new spring flowers; the nomadic longings of adolescence; the desire for idyllic love that comes to youths, are all reborn and mingled with the more prosaic mundane longing of manhood, that is born of the old necessities of the earth.

A Spring Day.  Late morning, sky clears & sun shines forth warmly. Easy wind from south. Sun shines unhampered all day. All the yearning of a March day is in today. I feel sure that cardinals are singing at home. 

P.M. – water color of shadow of house & garage on snow – at the end, I realized I had overdone the shadow –  

Burchfield Penney Art Center and Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium present a constellation of stellar programs to align with the celestial event

SUNY Buffalo State University — On Monday, April 8, 2024, one day before the 131st anniversary of Charles E. Burchfield’s birth, the “Great North American Eclipse” will cast Buffalo, NY in its dark umbra. The region lies directly in the Path of Totality, the perfect vantage point to witness the moon’s total eclipse of the sun. The Burchfield Penney Art Center is partnering with the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium at SUNY Buffalo State University to present a constellation of astronomy-themed exhibitions and programs. 


The S. E. wind blew all night – 

Now at noon, a wet wind from S.W.  

Dirty sinking snow; sky white around edge of houses; zenith dark; sparrows chattering – crowing of roosters –