A dark grey sky; the awesomeness of the air – dead quiet – an orange streak in SE, sun appears suddenly like a silver eye in a gold rim & is gone, it did not dispel the gloom of night...

Played the Sibelius 2nd Symphony- I imagined as I listened, a “dream” home where I might be also listening to it- a huge living room with large windows facing south & west, an enormous fireplace at the east end, and windows at the south side at the upper half-

B&I take Arthur to Buffalo to see toys, - Toy departments bore me terribly; - the blatant commercializing of childhood’s instincts, the long line of youngsters waiting their turn to see & talk to Santa Claus. But happily, Arthur lives in another world – it was plainly all heavenly to him, he could not get enough. 

I finished up all the pictures in good order and sent them on. My exhibition opened on Oct. 25 and ran four weeks. In most aspects, it was a success – critics and friends alike seemed to think it was my best show to date – Three, possibly four pictures sold. And yet, somehow, I am curiously left unsatisfied.

Last night’s wild sweep of clear sky turned suddenly today into a soft rain & then a soggy snow- 

The grey of the midwinter snow-spirit – a religious whitish violet light comes from above – objects a short distance are like ghosts. (High School chimney almost same value as sky – a peculiar sensation) –