P.M. – Edgar Schenck came out & picked up “Sun & Rocks” and “Song of the Marsh” for the Contemporary Art Room Committee to consider as a purchase – (we agreed on $2500 as a minimum).

 Who does not like to be melancholy once in a while, especially when nature is the cause? I like to tramp through the dry leaves and twigs and hear the mournful wind sob thru the sleeping branches. 

Thanksgiving day – Hank went with us, (and Peggy and Tommy) to the church service, which was at 10:00.

An artist should make all the physical acts of his everyday life conform to the laws of nature—

A cold damp lowery morning – intensely brilliant horizon sky; tops + edges of all things jet black + vibrating –

All day in Studio, redrawing my study for “Black Walnut” (which I also think of as “The Double Bed” on First Sight) – the material for which I got at Bertha’s old home (the “boys” bedroom) several years ago.

Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez, Colleen Toledano and Taeyoul Ryu Receive Awards

below the trees glowed orange yellow against the sky—

P.M. Walk – West green beyond Jennings ‒ Old Northwest Sunday afternoon mood – the tall dead tree; loose cloudy sky-high N.W. wind –

Let my studio be hallowed by large adventurous thoughts; and a feeling of security and isolation from the banalities of life; by dreams, and bold imaginings.

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