B & I to Arcade and Route 98. Another fine day, clear and warm. Autumn colors at their fullest. Walking around in Arcade, observing odd houses, and tree effects – the people are very friendly. 

A cold, cloudless day—strong S. W. wind—a glorious day.  Working on frames.

(Letter from C. she is homesick).

A walk across the backyards to East Ave searching for Pal.—windblown asters by the great willow.)

P.M. To Loblaws (in preparation for M.A.’s visit Sunday).

I am not observing nature very closely; my mind is occupied with thoughts of finances & returning to school. My ideas for “pictures” come from within.

To Genesee Rd (via Holland & the new cut-off on 16) sketching– about 3 or 4 miles west of Sardinia.   

A warm clear sunshiny day, with a S.W. wind. Butterflies, grasshoppers & crickets – 

A piece in the paper quoting one of Sibelius’ daughters — She said he left behind no unpublished music, which spiked all rumors about an eight[h] symphony.  How could such a rich powerful stream of creation (the greatest in the 20th century) suddenly dry up? – A tragedy —

We had just barely got into our car when a violent storm broke loose, with lightning, and strong gusts of wind. It was very exciting driving thru the city at such a time – reflections of lights, and lightning in the wet asphalt. A real equinoctial storm. 

The unusual warm sunny weather continues.  

P.M. to Zimmerman Road painting. Again in the swampy (dry now) tract enclosed on three sides by woods. Sultry –dry –the air filled with the constant hum of insects; millions of tiny flies, sunlit –Paint all afternoon. It is a constant struggle from beginning to end.  

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