Two Thaw-days - yesterday a clear day with intense, warm sunshine - rivulets of melted snow streaking over the ice, cast­ing upwards a million miniature suns.

A mild, partly sunny & cloudy day — After church to H.J.’s for dinner unsatisfactory...

Buffalo State students, part of the course (DES109) led by Kathy Shiroki, were asked to choose an artwork from a recent exhibition and design something inspired by their selected work. This Design Inspired by an Artwork is by Salma Akhter. She chose Vacillation by artist Robert Wood. Check out her presentation and design here.

Stagnant, undecided weather – The pale sun shines on the snow with a clear orange brassy color that I always associate with late February or early March-

Nature should be loved purely for her own sake. My ideal of painting is to catch the beauties of nature for their own sake not as clothes for our morals & “soul sensations” which may be the degeneracy of the age.

Last night the moon hazed by snow mist, was surrounded by a wierd (sic) circle, the lower half of which was lost in the density of the horizon - seemingly then like a rainbow, caused by moonlight striking snow!

A bright sunny day, temperature in the 20s – I found Bertha already up, as she had had difficulty sleeping.

After breakfast, to the studio. Mounted some more drawings.

During our lunch we watched the Tournament of Roses Parade. Bertha went to sleep during the latter part of it, and not much wonder considering the monotony of bizarre “floats” 

Museum announces temporarily closing effective Saturday, January 1, 2022, as the number of people in Erie County infected sets all-time high for three consecutive days

The night was wonderful. Proof of its beauty may be seen in the fact that people who generally see no beauty in nature exclaimed about the night.  It takes an unusual occurrence to arouse them.

I am going to buy a book, and write in it various headings, and at times I will open it and whatever the heading suggests to me there will I write the thought. 

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