Rainy sky; wet earth blue film vibrating over greening turf – roofs reflect sky

Stop a moment at of hill above Potterville - A bright sunshiny day, with enough chill in the air to suggest maple sap running. A bluebird flies back and forth, singing on the. I broke a small twig on a maple tree (1/8 inch thick) to see how soon the sap would come. It came immediately, and kept dropping regularly (I timed it at one drop every 15 seconds.)...

March 19— Thursday / Besides the usual visitors (including the thrush and the Redwings) saw pair of mourning doves under the willow tree. / March 24— Tuesday — / Started work on a new painting with pussy willows and a spring twilight —

A.M. walk out Union, over French & Clinton – a bitterly cold morning (14º at 8:00). A pale remote sun in a half cloudy misty sky...

P.M. To Pinehollow – Booming gray scud clouds – terrific wind – weird glitter of light over the ground – distance a rich blue violet – Brilliance to air – mighty trees rock back and forth –

A.M. – to Dr. Gurney for check on sugar count — crocus blooming at the south side of the Med. Building.

To lodge for lunch—

P.M. – Charles Penney and Miss Stumps

Listened to the “telegraph harp” today on my morning walk –

 A fine day.  A silver haze on the air blended all things in a bluish harmony. 

Call F to see if he can have lunch. He cannot & suggests I call Marguerite—He, (M) suggested we lunch at the Century club. Before I leave E.W.R. calls and I invited him to go with us.—Pack my bag & take it to station, when walk over to club. The St. Gardens Show.—

I would like to be the embodiment of March — both in life & art—

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