In the afternoon at work, we didn’t take sides, but the girls thru wads of paper and cut up a lot. I got the back-ache until I captured a stool.

Day in Pinehollow & Bottoms sketching – A dreamy loose rainy day. Strange ochre & grey slow moving skies – the many birdsongs on all sides seem like rain drops already patting on the dry leaves.

The sun could scarce break through a dense yellow mist that hung over the earth – Freight trains whistles echoed & reechoed and blurred up vivid pictures of great misty valleys...

I told her to ask her teacher whether he knew that hepaticas were in bloom, and to tell him that their blooming was of far greater importance to a child than all the crises in the world.

In studio – By now, I realize that my work on the Two Hollows picture Saturday has gone far toward solving the picture’s many complex problems, and I feel  the urge to go on with it some more... 

Noon – Brill air – cool wind – March sky with its three kinds of clouds

This morning I went to school without my overcoat, and to-night when I came home from work, it was with all my overcoat buttoned up to my chin

At afterglow time / To Bentley’s – Pipers – woods & frogs in the glassy ponds – In the twilight woods – a leaf rustle – a bird flies up at my foot unseen – a stray wind in the trees – I heard the stream coming out of gray void – Hoary ghostly fields – wet soggy turf   a star low in the east – / I dreamt of wildflowers last night –

A sultry March day – The robins sang this morning – their calls are on all sides – I hear a song sparrow! Walk to Mullins – killdeer call from sky – I see one skimming the sun-flooded sky...

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