... I strove to put it into all the joy of Christmas, of family love, and home life, peace and sweet contentment.

Little Catherine is sure a ‘peach’ – I do wish you could see her.

I did some astronomical juggling to get in all I wanted – above & to the left of the moon is “Canis Minor”

The question of finances is persistent. I hate it.

Head high, and delight in feeling my feet gripped the earth, and the firm shock to my thighs, the wind at my side; deep icy breaths -winter is for walking!

Tony Bannon's return to the Burchfield Penney cited as a high point of 2012.

Bannon's return cited as a high point of Buffalo's 2012 cultural scene.

My sketchbook has virtually become my diary.

A.M. - worked on "Early Winter Twilight"

All day on the "Star Pierces the Clouds" picture, - it is one of the most complicated pieces of "lighting" I have ever attempted

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