My conception of God has been changed – I never had any idea of the real beauty of love – I have commenced to think about immortality –

This morning was a wonderful morning. How I longed to take a trip to the woods! When it became light, I looked out I saw that everything, trees, bushes posts and wires were coated white...

A soft delicate haze has pervaded everywhere and there is an indefinite feeling of unrest in the air that makes me wild to be up and off, roaming the fields and woods.

A thunderstorm last night, with vivid lightning and summer-like thunder - This morning a wonderfully soft warm air -

The sun, when I started out, was jus coming up, casting his cheering yellow glow over the white earth and blue sky.

The other day when I saw Arthur in the willow tree, feet resting on one pliant branch, hands gripping another, swaying up & down, wind in his hair...

Try to slap a label on Bruce Jackson, and you’re bound to miss the picture.

...we all assembled at the pian and sang - new songs, old songs, "old gems," love songs, mushy songs, soft songs, silly songs and grand opera until very late.

I read an account in some paper lately about some robins hibernating near Ohio in great flocks. Lack of food is all that keeps them away other years.

UB faculty member Bruce Jackson creates images as a connection between teaching and communicating social activism.

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Painter, naturalist, American Master.