I can nearly always, if I can a field,
find some dandelions in December.

I am reading “On the Truth of Decorative Art” by Lionel deFonseka

Awake at 10:00. A heavy warm-sogged snow falling. Down town and to Mullins.

Dec. 18 – Dec. 30. — / Twenty days of confusion —
My helplessness in the face of war lasted until the end of the week —

It was impossible for me to do straight camouflage - I had to have a poetic idea back of my designs - Once it was winds & rocks in Pine Hollow.

On Monday — Dec. 15 — I started the painting of “Christmas night”

-Snowy Owl-
Take the stuffed /owl out to a woods & /make painting there – /
(where birch trees are)

Thoughts enroute (sic):
The stump picture. The stump burning reds & hot yellows & browns in hot august sunshine –