as I walk along I am amazed how each minute marking on every object is clearly shown - tree bark is as if just created; windows in houses glare

The sky is such a wonderful blue that I fear I’ll miss some of its beauty if I do not gaze at it all the time.

Spring in February: patches of melted snow on sidewalks reflecting the heavenly blue of the sky-cavern above, the snow on both sides of the walk honey-combed slantingly by the brilliant sun

State University of New York at Buffalo graduate, Joshua Bienko's Do-All, Do-All, Do-All (2013) video was on the outdoor plaza screens at American Airlines Center in Victory Park, Dallas, Texas.

I felt a power in myself, and a confidence and independence —  I am alone in the world, in my art — and it was good.

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Down at work to while away the dreary hours, I enjoy my-self watching what little weather can be seen outside. The place that interests me most, is the little patch of western sky, which I can see from my position.

Eric Jackson-Forsberg reviews exhibition of work by Ellen Steinfeld.

Head of Collections and the Charles Cary Rumsey Curator Nancy Weekly on the recent acquisition of Old House in the Swamp (1952) by Charles Burchfield.

The second of wonderful winter days...Today was a fairy day.

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