Now that all the excitement is over (both during and after the opening) Bertha and I want you to know how wonderful it was for us from beginning to end.

The ruins of a crumbling century-old train terminal have become, however briefly, the most important art gallery in Western New York.

I think these years of repression, during my earlier career, fastened upon me a habit of reticence that clings to me now, even when I am with completely sympathetic people.

P.M. Philharmonic concert - In the intermission, news of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), The Philippines, Hong Kong etc -Impossible to take in its significance at once) -

Having taken in more than a handful of recent-era Wilco concerts, I tend to trust the words of the band’s members when they sing the praises of another artist.

They Just Had An Idea and it’s totally yours. Meet Elska, everything you ever hoped for in music and art for children.

A strong wind from the west - driving great massive clouds before it. Up at north end of lot — The sun breaking thru at times, sending down shafts of light

The Evidence of Things Not Seen was commissioned and shown in the New Orleans African American Museum as part of Prospect.1 New Orleans in 2008 and is part of Intersections at the Burchfield Penney.

The Buffalo News on the "Mystery Shrouds Source of East Side Graffiti"

I cut my comics-lover's teeth on Trashman, the underground anti-superhero and the creation of Spain (Manuel) Rodriguez (known through the strips only as Spain). He died last week at 72 from cancer.

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Painter, naturalist, American Master.