A.M.  To Buffalo (give Herbein a lift, who was going to Grant’s & then a movie) – Bought a beautiful white cyclamen for B – to replace the azalea.

PM. For a walk thru Penna R.R. yards, thence north on the N.Y. Central to French Rd & home by Union. A new boisterous day, scudding clouds & a stiff southwest wind, with fine hard snow at times.

It is unwise to destroy a picture thru a whim

Snow-drops by the garage pushing up — wide tops indicate buds about to appear. It has been mild all week —

Jan. 21…Started the real work on the “Late Afternoon in Winter”, putting in the warm yellows and browns around the edge to denote the house interior, & all the vivid red birds –… Jan. 22… Continuously cold weather – close to zero every morning – More work on the 1917 picture – 

Bitterly cold wind from the N.E. (about 6° above) an elective gray sky, sparse snow falling – drifting – Walking along the road this afternoon, the realization came over me with overwhelming force that I am mentally asleep, and have lost all sense of true values – wishing for milder weather so I can paint, I am blind to the beauty and power of this zero weather –

P.M. – Painted the memory of an incident that took place almost 60 years ago, but which seems still as vivid in my memory as the day it happened long ago.

Days of doubt & indecision in regard to my painting. I cannot even get started. Study pictures in process and do some mounting.

How can one fully express their gratitude for the generosity of spirit embodied by Sylvia L. Rosen? She was a close friend and passionate advocate of craft media arts—especially ceramics. 

A.M. puttering in studio. P.M. Take Sally, Catherine & Arthur to chestnut ridge.  While they slide, I alternately watch the fun, and go to the “casino” to warm myself.

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